Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling

Christians turn to their faith for solace and hope during dark times. Their faith can be a source of strength, but that doesn’t mean that Christians can’t also suffer from mental health disorders. In fact, according to Anthem of Hope, about 23% of pastors surveyed acknowledge that they themselves have experienced a mental illness, such as depression or anxiety disorders.1

Christians who are suffering from mental illness have options for reaching out for help. Secular therapy is widely available and welcomes people of all faiths as well as those of no faith. Yet, for some Christians, it may sometimes be more helpful to find a counselor who shares their own biblical beliefs and principles.

A Christian counselor is a professional counselor who is trained to use evidence-based counseling techniques that are infused with God’s Word. Christian counseling strives not only to help the individual overcome their mental health challenges but also to help them heal spiritually. Through Christian counseling, clients may feel empowered to strengthen their relationship and communication with God, and to address their challenges through a biblical lens.  In addition, Christian counselors perform the same therapeutic interventions as a secular counselor including:

  • Build a professional rapport with new clients
  • Evaluate the mental health and behavioral patterns of new clients, and discuss therapeutic approaches and techniques while developing a treatment plan
  • Implement therapeutic techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, to help clients overcome challenges and turn negative behavioral patterns into positive ones
  • Work with clients’ family members, including spouses, parents or siblings to help them understand their loved one’s difficulties and how best to be supportive
  • Refer clients to outside resources when necessary

Christian counselors keep in mind the best interests and needs of their clients. Therapeutic approaches and techniques must be adapted to meet the client’s needs. For example, some clients respond well to reading Bible verses together with their Christian counselor and discussing how they might be applied to the client’s situation. Christian counselors might also pray together with their clients and lead their clients in spiritual meditation techniques.

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