EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy)

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What Is EMDR Therapy?

It’s an unfortunate fact that many of us deal with traumatic memories. For years, we struggle with those traumatic memories and bottle them up because we simply do not know how to handle them.

Thankfully, there are different forms of therapy you can try if you wish to confront your trauma. One of them is known as EMDR therapy.

EMDR therapy, also known as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, is still relatively new compared to other forms of trauma-focused treatment. This specific type of therapy involves asking a patient to move their eyes in specific ways to facilitate recovery.

How does EMDR therapy generate results?

The aforementioned form of treatment works because it is based on the specific way the human brain processes traumatic memories. Because of the specific way a traumatic memory is stored, it tends to be suppressed instead of getting addressed.

A person undergoing EMDR therapy will be able to access those traumatic memories. They will be able to do so in a way that does not relive their trauma. Furthermore, the experience of recalling a traumatic memory can be less stressful when it is done in the context of EMDR therapy.

If you have a tough time talking about your trauma, then this form of therapy could be more appropriate for you.

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What Happens During EMDR Therapy?

EMDR therapy begins with you and your counselor making preparations. Your counselor will likely inquire about your personal history and ask about the specific problems you want to address.

Once the preparations are completed, your counselor will start to discuss the procedure in detail. They may even ask you to practice some exercises.

After that, the focus of the treatment shifts to unlocking the traumatic memory. Your counselor will ask you to engage the memory and they will also evaluate your reaction to it.

The next step involves working on the memory until such time that it no longer affects you negatively. That is usually followed by reinforcing positive cognition and further evaluation of the effects the traumatic memory still has on you.

Depending on how the treatment session goes, your counselor may formally conclude the processing of that memory or confine it until your next appointment.

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